Linda Kulp Trout

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Until We Meet Again

Dear friends,
Today, I'm full of mixed emotions.  I'm a little sad that the March Slice of Life Challenge is ending. Your comments and support have meant more than you can imagine. Writing for an audience has been very rewarding.  Most of my slices were posted late in the evening,  and every morning, I looked forward to reading your thoughts about what I wrote the night before. I'm going to miss the feeling of being connected on a daily basis to all of you.  Our group has beomce more than anonymous writers, we've become freinds.  I've been touched and forever changed by your stories. I'm especially impressed by the quality of writing in our group! It's amazing how much everyone was able to relate to each individual's  slices.  I look forward to reading your future blog posts, but I may need to take some time away.  Things are really hectic right now.

We finally have a contract on our house so we're going to be quite busy in the near future. Our buyers want to settle by the end of April, and things are moving very quickly. If the appraisal and inspection go well, we'll move in just two weeks into an apartment.  We'll live there for a few months while our house is being built and then move again! Our next house is less than half the size of our current home, which means we have a lot of downsizing to do!  So, until we meet again, I'm sending you my best wishes for peace, love, and joy in all things!

Happy writing!


  1. Sounds like you will be busy even after the slicing stops! Keep on writing!

  2. Good luck with the house, that's a huge task ahead of you. Come back and tell about your new situation. We'll meet on Tuesdays. Okay?

  3. Best wishes to you on your new home! We will be here when you return...

  4. Linda, I stopped by to say thanks so much for all of your encouraging comments on my slices this month. It really meant a lot to me. Congratulations on all of your big life changes... Hope you update us here when you can!