Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Poetry Friday

Father's Day

I don’t remember him.
(He left when I was three.)

He never ever calls.
He doesn't visit me.

I hug my pillow close
pretending it’s my dad.

Growing up without him—
makes my heart feel sad.

If he were here with me,
I know what I would say:

I still love you, Daddy.
Happy Father’s Day.

©Linda Kulp Trout

I had planned to write a happy poem to celebrate Father's Day.  Instead, I kept thinking about how for many children, Father's Day is difficult.  This is the poem that wanted to be written tonight.  It still needs work, but here's what I have so far.

A big thank you to Carol for hosting today's Poetry Friday.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The True Meaning of Success

What defines a successful life?  When we're young, we tend to believe success is based on our achievements, but as we grow older, living a successful life takes on new meaning.
Recently, I attended a memorial service for Miss Eva, a beloved family member.  Miss Eva never received a college degree, never earned a large salary, and her poems were never on the Best Seller list. She didn’t travel the world or own expensive possessions; yet she was one of the most successful people I’ve ever known. 
On the day of her memorial service, the chapel was filled with people who came to celebrate her life.  One after another, folks stood up to tell stories about the ways Eva had touched their lives.  The words “joy” and “love” were used again and again to describe her life and her gift to others.

Miss Eva was someone who lived by her faith. She had kind words for everyone. She spread hugs, laughter, and joy.  She gave her time freely to anyone who needed help. She saw beauty in nature and in all people. 

Everything she did from growing her garden, writing heartfelt poems, spending time with friends and family and sending greeting cards with personal messages— were all done out of love.  She never expected recognition for her kind acts, instead she gave God all the praise and glory.

As I sat at her memorial, I thought of the poem “Success” and how well it described Miss Eva’s life.

Miss Eva was an amazing woman who knew the true meaning of success was LOVE.  She inspired many lives, including mine, and continues to spread joy through her poetry.

Bonded in Love

At the end of each day, can we look back and say,...
that we cared for our family and showed it?
Or must we admit, we forget quite a bit
and take for granted they know it.

Time has slipped by and so much we have missed,
but all is not lost if we start.
To show what we feel and make it real
and let it come from the heart.

So with love in our hearts, let it show in our lives.
Let us always be happy together.
Look over the bad times and beyond to the good.
Let’s be bonded in love forever.

© Eva M. Yingling


For the special way you touch my life,...
your loving, caring way.
This is what I’m thankful for,
each and every day.
There’s many precious memories,
of days and years gone by.
and no one can erase them,
no matter how they try.
For they are etched within my heart,
they’re something I hold dear.
And I will always cherish them,
each day throughout the year.
Thanksgiving day is every day,
for I’m the mother of,
the greatest family on this earth
a family built on love.

© Eva M. Yingling

Have a great weekend!
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