Thursday, September 24, 2015

A "ME" Poem

This month’s DMC challenge came from master poet Lee Bennett Hopkins. The assignment was to write a “ME” poem.  I don’t often participate in writing challenges (mostly because of time),  but as soon as I read “ write about a simple moment in childhood that changed you in some way,” a memory popped into my mind and I wanted to get it down before it was gone. There's more I'd like to say in this poem when I have time. 

 Calico Kitten

Walking home from school
I found a kitten,
almost hidden,
beneath a bramble bush.

Lying on the ground
bone thin and shivering—
her tail was quivering,
as I wrapped her in my jacket.

Afraid she might die
I carried her inside—

When she licked
warm milk
from my fingertips,
I knew she would survive

Then she curled herself
into my lap,
and thanked me,
with a purrrfect

I found the kitten when I was twelve, and I've had cats in my life ever since.  Here is my Daisy playing with her toys. She has a basket full of toys, but she only plays with the ones that contain treats. She is very spoiled kitty! 

Be sure to check out Today’s Little Ditty for a wrap-up of the “ME” poem challenge, and you can read Michelle’s fabulous spotlight interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins here.

I hope you're as excited about autumn as I am. I love this time of year! Now, let's go visit Janet and the rest of the Poetry Friday folks at Poetry for Children.



Thursday, September 3, 2015

Poetry: All in the Family

​My granddaughter, Evie, is loving kindergarten! One of her first homework assignments was to make an "All About Me" bag. Earlier this week, I found this post on Facebook.

For Evelyn's all about me homework project she asked me to take this picture of her holding Lullaby and Kisses Sweet open to Grandma's poem "Snack Time."  She wants to tell her class that she likes to write poetry with her grandmother. She came up with this all on her own!

Look at that face!   When I read those words and saw the picture of my precious girl, my heart just melted.  I love being a Grandma!  When Evie and Victor (my adorable grandson) come for their next visit, we're going to the Land of the Little Horses (sounds magical, doesn't it)!  I can't wait to write a poem with Evie about our adventure.  We're going to try to get Victor in the act too, if we can get him to sit still long enough. He loves to sing and dance!  I tried to attach of video of my little guy dancing, but it just wouldn't cooperate.  I'll try again soon.
 Now, let's head over to Linda's place at Teacher Dance for today's poetry roundup.
Have a great Labor Day weekend!