Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Two New Books and Facebook Live

Today I'm excited to celebrate the book birthday of two new books.  Not only am I excited to share two wonderful new books, I'm also the proud mama of the authors!  

LIBRARY OF LESSONS & LIES is a novel-in-verse by Tim Kulp.  It is a fast-paced dark fantasy I would recommend for upper YA and beyond. 

A book loving loner, Beatrix is enjoying a rare night out with her odd couple roommate, social media megastar Claudia. When their fun is ruined by a magical book, Beatrix’s latent powers are awakened, throwing the friends into a mystical world of monsters, sorcerers and extra-dimensional beings. Beatrix and Claudia find their way to a library of magical books, where they must discover who is trying to help them and who is trying to enslave them with promises of power and answers. Their inner demons drive them to deadly decisions with implications that will resonate further than they can imagine. Will Beatrix and Claudia conquer their demons and save each other, or will the horrors of their past unleash the end of all things?

Tim is the author of numerous books for a variety of audiences including MG, YA, and adult. His books take readers on adventures both internally and externally. Tim's day job keeps him on the frontier of AI, an element that often shows up in his writing.   He consults with companies and designs programs to help them use new technology. Tim also teaches undergraduate courses in technology. 

Join Tim tonight, (Feb. 17) at 8PM eastern for a Facebook Live book launch ( Tim will be sharing secrets about the book and answering questions about his writing process. I'll be there and will randomly draw the name of an attendee to win a copy of LIBRARY OF LESSONS & LIES.  Drop by Tim's Facebook page to learn more. Hope to see your there tonight!

SELECTION is a dystopian science fiction debut novel by Chris Kulp. I would recommend it for upper YA and beyond. His stories offer characters who confront current and future issues facing society.  Chris is a professor of physics, science fiction author, and the winner of the Mike Resnick Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story by a New Author. His fiction has appeared in Galaxy's Edge magazine. He has co-authored nearly 30 scientific articles and one textbook.  Check out Chris' Facebook page for updates about his writing. Here is a brief description of SELECTION.

Humanity almost destroyed itself. To survive the changing climate, we trusted every aspect of our lives to an all-knowing, all-seeing artificial intelligence known as the Algorithm. With scarce resources, the Algorithm decides who lives in poverty and who lives in luxury to build an optimal society.

Omegas clean. Sigmas manage. Betas create. Alphas, lead.

No one questions the Algorithm.

SELECTION follows Sam, Jack, Jennie and Tabitha as they discover the Algorithm’s plan may be more than it seems.

But do four people stand a chance against an omnipotent AI who may know them better than they know themselves?

LIBRARY OF LESSONS & LIES and SELECTION are both published by Making Adventure. You may know Making Adventure is the publishing company Tim started last year. With a lot of hard work, Making Adventure is gaining an audience and growing, but becoming a successful publishing business takes a village. If you would like to help, here are a couple of things you can do.

Please consider ordering one or both of the books and reviewing them on Amazon. It really helps spread the word. 

If you are on social media, posting about the books can help them reach new people. 

I appreciate you reading this long post.  Thank you so much for supporting my sons' and their books. I am very grateful to be part of the Poetry Friday family.

A special thank you to Molly for hosting this week's Poetry Friday.