Thursday, February 24, 2022

Anthologies 301: Making Videos

I'm having a great time learning new skills in our Anthologies 301 class.  Our Zoom sessions are so much fun.  We share, we laugh, we learn!

Before last week, I had never made a video.  It looked complicated, but  Janet and Sylvia took us step-by-step through the process and gave lots tips along the way. 

Here is my first video.  I am sorry it is so small. I couldn't figure out how to make it larger. That will be a challenge for another day.

 I hope to make and share more images and videos in the weeks ahead.

A big thank you to Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect for hosting today.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Singing Valentine


I'm still having fun making images for my poems using the tips I learned in Anthologies 301!

Happy Valentine's Day!

A big thank you to Linda at Teacher Dance for hosting today's Poetry Friday!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Kicking It Up a Notch: Creating Images for My Poems

Self-promotion is hard for me, but I'm learning how important it is to showcase my poems.  It's a great way for readers and publishers to get to know me and my writing.  I've always admired poems combined with images because they grab my attention. I wanted to do something fun and interesting with my poems, or as Emeril Lagasse would say, "Kick it up a notch!"  

I knew about Canva, but it seemed so complicated until...

last Saturday when  a group of Poetry Friday friends and I participated in Anthologies 301: Creating Graphics.  The class was led by two very experienced Canva users,  Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.  

To see some of their designs, check out the  Pomelo Books Pinterest page!

Janet and Sylvia, are kind and generous teachers who offer a safe learning environment where every voice is valued. 

They shared lots of tips and ideas to help us create beautiful images for our poems and gave individual feedback.  Although I'm still learning, I have a much better understanding of Canva. 

Here are some of my practice images. I had fun playing with placement of the text and colors. 

Later this month, we'll meet for our next Anthologies 301 session to learn how to make videos. I can't wait for that one!

A third session on how to make "swag"for our poems and books will be held in March. If you are interested in taking one of these classes, contact Janet . There may be a few spaces still available. 

If you take a class taught by Janet and Sylvia (check out other classes here), expect to learn a lot, and laugh A LOT!   I hope they offer more classes in the future!  

A big thank you to Elisabeth at Unexpected Intersections for hosting today.

Have a great weekend!