Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Poetry Friday: Mystery Seed

It was my plan to post on Poetry Friday every week this summer, but it hasn't happened.  I'm teaching a summer program, taking a class, and working on a picture book manuscript. Along with spending time with family and catching up on some household projects... Gosh, life sure does get busy, doesn't it?    

The thing is, I often have an idea I'd like to post but talk myself out of it because I don't feel that I can write it well enough to share in a short amount of time.  I start analyzing every sentence and it never feels quite good enough.  I'm trying to release (my one little word) that kind of  thinking  because it has kept me from getting the writing practice I need to grow.  I've made an agreement with myself to write from my heart and only proofread/revise once.  I'm going to try my best to stick to that agreement. Although I haven't posted, I do read and enjoy your posts every Friday.  I want to join in the fun!  So here goes!

 It's Thursday 11:00 PM, and I just finished a first draft of a poem about something very special that happened this week.  I wanted to get it down now while it's fresh in my mind. Like I said, it's in very rough form.  I'm not sure if I'll do anything more with it or just let it be a memory to share with my granddaughter.

Mystery Seed
  -for Evie and Grandpa

 Her tiny hands planted you
     in a styrofoam cup—
     a gift for her grandpa

 Barely a sprout--
     he gently tucked you
     into his garden

 Then he smiled
     what you might become

For weeks his sturdy hands
     sheltered you
     from beetles, weeds, and storms

Swaddled in sunshine, water,
     and Grandpa’s love—
      you thrived

Your roots stretched and grew
      until you no longer needed
      his constant care

The day you blossomed—
      he sent her your picture
      and she smiled


                                                       Evie and Grandpa's flower