Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Three New Books I Love and Two More I Can't Wait to Meet

There are certain authors that as soon as I see an announcement of their new books, I immediately pre-order them. Amy LudwigVanderwater is one of those authors. The gentle voice in her poems speak to my heart. This week her latest book, DREAMING OF YOU arrived on my doorstep.  It is a sweet lullaby perfect to read to little ones.  It is also a lovely gift to yourself when you’ve had a stressful day.  The flowing rhythm and repetition will calm and quiet you.

 Another author I love is Laura Purdie Salas. She is a master at teaching her readers about a topic and getting them to see the world in new and interesting ways.  For example, in her brand new book MEET MY FAMILY, readers learn about baby animals and their diverse family structures. What a creative way to teach children that there are all kinds of families, and they can be cared for in different ways.  This book will help children see that there is more than one right way to be a family.

I think I have just about every anthology by Lee Bennett Hopkins, and I am happy to have another one to add to my collection! SCHOOL PEOPLE is a collection of poems celebrating the people children encounter during the school day. The poems are written by many of my favorite poets including members of our own Poetry Friday family. I especially love the way the opening poem “School’s Story” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich invites readers in and lets us know that we are all welcome, “I am waiting—come on in.”  I hope this collection finds its way to every elementary classroom.

I’m honored to announce that I have poems in each of these two forthcoming anthologies. YAY!   I’ll share more about each of them in a future post.

A big thank you to Michelle at Today's Little Ditty for hosting today.