Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Children are Teachers

After so much sadness in the news this week, these precious little faces give me hope.

                                                            Pia and Victor

Young children don’t build walls.  They don't see language, race, religion, or disability as a barrier.  Their hearts are open to love and acceptance.  They find a way to learn and grow, and play together. Children are teachers. We can learn much from them.

Although they've been friends for a while, the two cuties above inspired this little poem.

I met a girl today.
She doesn't understand
the words I say.

we can laugh and
we can play.


I made a new friend

-©Linda Kulp Trout

Peace and love be with you.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Mystery

Yesterday, I watched two tiny fledglings in our yard.  I don't know much about birds and can only identify a few of them.  I couldn't get a clear picture, but later when I checked the internet, I believe they were Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. The picture and description seemed to fit.

Anyway, as I watched these two babies trying to learn how to fly, I noticed that Mama was giving all of her attention to just one of them.  She stayed very close to it and raised a ruckus when other birds came near.  The other fledgling was way on the other side of the yard and just kind of hopped about and fluttered on its own.  Mama pretty much ignored the little guy.

I went out to get a closer look, and all three flew under a nearby shrub.  Soon after that, it started to rain, and I didn't see them again. But, I've been wondering about those babies ever since.  Did Mama really have a favorite?    If so, why did she choose that one over the other? They both looked exactly the same in size, coloring, and ability.  Well, all that wondering led to this poem.

Baby Bird

Today I watched you
on our lawn
walk, hop, flutter—
learning how
to fly.

On the other side,
your brother
was learning too—
Your mama
close by
protecting him.

But, you—
she left you
all alone
to survive
on your own.

I wonder…


©Linda Kulp Trout

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