Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, June 14, 2018


My sons were fortunate to grow up with a wonderful father who always found time for them and put their needs ahead of his own.  He made a positive difference in their lives.

Now that my son Tim is a father, I see many of the same qualities in him.  Even with a demanding career, he finds time to play games, do crafts, create new recipes, and do lots of other fun things with his children.

Sadly, not all children are so lucky.  It is heartbreaking to think about children who are growing up without knowing their dad. Father's Day can be a difficult and lonely time for them.  I wrote this poem for them.

Father’s Day

I don’t remember him.
(He left when I was three.)

He never ever calls.
He never visits me.

I hug my pillow close
pretending it’s my dad.

Growing up without him—
makes my heart feel sad.

If he were here with me,
I know what I would say:

I still love you, Daddy.
Happy Father’s Day.

-Linda Kulp Trout

A big thank you to Karen for hosting Poetry Friday this week.