Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Compelling Novel-in-Verse

This week I’m excited to share an excerpt from a review of [dis]connection, a new novel-in-verse written by t. kulp.     [dis]connection is  “Frankenstein for the Social Network Generation,”  but it also takes us into the world of a young girl with a strong desire to belong while also searching for her own true identity.


The reviewer, Mary Lanni (who has reviewed more than 500 books) writes:


Tech, myth and magic collide in this novel-in-verse perfect for fans of the Girls Who Code series now ready for a YA techno thriller. This compelling story is presented primarily in verse and is told from the perspectives of three different characters. 


Erin Ulman is the new girl, and despite her popularity at her last school, she is anything but popular at her new school in Glen Coast, Maryland. Her computer coding skills and comfortable fashion choices are not appreciated by her classmates, and Erin often finds herself discussed on SocialNet whenever her behavior falls too far outside the norm. A mysterious package arrives for Erin one day, tempting her with the call of the unknown as she fits the pieces together and starts a computer program she has never seen before. Battling the drama of school and social media is only the beginning, and Erin must learn the truth behind the questionable parcel before time runs out.


From the very beginning, readers will be curious to discover exactly what is happening in Erin’s world. As a coder, Erin often thinks in computer code, and this appears frequently within her segments of the novel. Regardless of one’s experience with coding themselves, these inclusions make sense and help readers connect more deeply with Erin’s character. Profound and important, this book shows the damage social media and cyberbullying can have on a person within a beautiful and thought-provoking design. Anyone who has ever considered the potentials of artificial intelligence or the damage that can be caused by comments both in school and on social media will appreciate the unique combination presented in this story. This is a memorable young adult novel in both substance and style.


A compelling and unique approach to the dangers of both artificial intelligence and social media communication.

You can read the entire review here.

The very first poem puts the reader right in the middle of Erin's dilemma as a the new girl. Figuring out how to fit in is just one of the many obstacles she faces in this emotion-packed novel.

You can read the rest of the poem and purchase [dis]connection here.

Find out more about t. kulp and his latest projects here.

Be sure to look for the hidden website in the book.  So far, only 10 readers have found it!  The website tells more about the secret organization that plays a key role in the story.

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