Saturday, March 24, 2012


Last year, we tried to sell our house.  It was exhausting trying to keep the house "perfect" all the time, but we were very motivated to sell. We priced the house low- almost 200,000 below what it was worth when we bought it.  We did everything we could to make the house attractive to buyers. After nearly six months, we were so excited to finally we get an offer.  We decided to do whatever we could to try to make it work, but the offer was WAY lower than our asking price, and the potential buyer wanted an additonal 30,000. to put toward his moving expenses!  We were shocked that anyone would make such a request until our agent told us that it was typical for the market we were in.  We couldn't afford to give the extra cash so we turned the offer down and took the house off the market.

We thought about refinancing, but we're getting close to retirement age, and the upkeep on a house this big is getting to be too much for us. So, 11 days ago, we put our house back on the market. We've had about 9 showings so far, 3 of them today.  A couple of hours ago, our agent called and said we have an offer. She didn't have the details yet and asked if we could meet her in the morning. After last year's experience, we're trying to to get too hopeful. What a relief it would be if this works out, and we can finally move into our next home!