Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A very short slice today. I have a migraine so being on the computer is especially difficult. I've been having 6-8 migraines a month for the past 30 yrs.  A variety of things can trigger a migraine. Perfume, bright light, and weather changes seem to be my biggest hazards.  I try to avoid them as much as possible. I teach in a middle school, so avoiding perfume is almost impossible. The boys are worse than the girls when it comes to over applying it! 

I have a rescue medication I take once the migraine starts, but it takes a couple of hours to work. I think I've been on just about every prescription medication out there, but none of them work all that well for me.  I used to take a daily preventative med until I experienced some negative side effects.  Now all I can do is to I try to take the med as soon as I feel a headache about to strike.  My insurance only pays for 6 doses a month so I usually wait until I'm sure it's going to be a migraine before I take the medicine. Migraines take the fun out of life. If you experience migraines, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you are someone who suffers from migraines, I would appreciate hearing about your experiences and anything you've found that helps with this condition.


  1. I have one per month for three days and have had them for the past 14 years. At first I was in denial and just put up with the pain. Then one month the pain started and did not stop for 30 days. The doc shot me up with Demerol promising it would go away. I got goofy and went to sleep but woke up with the migraine still intact...then I was put in the hospital and put on a cocktail of three drugs through an IV. That did not work either. The migraine had to run its course. The doc told me to never just do nothing again. The minute I feel the pain (always behind my right eye) I am to take the meds. I used a prescription at first but learned that Excedrin for migraines works just as well and is a lot cheaper. I stay away from chocolate and cheese when I have the migraine.

  2. Wanda, thanks for sharing your migraine information. I will have to keep this short because my headache is bad right now. I tried the Excedrin, but the caffeine made me jittery. I wonder if a lower dose would work? I might give that a try. My prescription is very expernsive!

  3. I didn't suffer with migraines till after having a hysterectomy ten years ago...I take daily meds along with the meds that I take with the onset of the migraine. I find the lights in school are not good for me. I also find weather affects me as well. Stay hydrated helps, sometimes lowering the lights, sunglasses, when the migraine begins really helps. My sister also suffers from them, she gets botox and swears by it.
    Feel better!

  4. I had migraines for years. Still get them on occasion. You know what really helps (but really is my first-line defense against my asthma)? Singulair. My neurologist put me on it back in 1999. There were studies that said it helped with migraines. We were going to try it out for me and at worst, it would help with my asthma. I got lucky that it helped me with both. Might be worth discussing with your doctor.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Sorry to hear this. I've had some migraines. I am wondering how much of my own problem with them has to do with my sinuses (I have allergies) and my chronically stiff neck. I can't help but hope that boosting my health through nutrition, exercise and then targeting my neck and sinuses might help. I'd include stretching and relaxation in that list.