Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two New Picture Books I Love!

It's been a super busy week, and I've been doing my very best to keep up with my goal to write a poetry "snippet" every day during February. So, this will be a short post, but I wanted to share two beautiful new picture books that arrived on my doorstep this week.  As a grandma, I'm always looking for fun activities to share with my grandchildren. Both of these books are perfect for that!

After reading Irene's playful descriptions, I'll never look at fruits or vegetables quite the same way. I'll see cucumber submarines, a bouquet of minty green butterfly wings, a bee-kissed lake, a mountain of mouse-sized swords, and strawberries carrying green parasols. I love the way Irene finds just the right words to create all this deliciousness!

The illustrations of the animals are adorable, and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes with my grandchildren. For a real treat, check out  Jama's tasty review of FRESH DELICIOUS. 

EVERY DAY BIRDS is written as a single poem that begins:

Every day we watch for birds
weaving through our sky.
We listen to their calls and songs.
We like to see them fly. 

Isn't that beautiful?  The poem continues with a few words about the characteristics or behaviors of twenty different birds.  The bright and colorful illustrations help with the identification of each bird. I enjoyed learning more about the birds (Did you know that some hawks can dive for prey at over 100 miles per hour?) in the descriptions Amy included in the back of the book.  You'll want to also take a look at the cute videos about EVERY DAY BIRDS on Amy's blog  The Poem Farm.

Last summer, my granddaughter was delighted when she saw a hummingbird in our backyard. Imagine how much fun we're going to have using Amy's book to identify even more birds!

Teachers always appreciate books for their classroom libraries. Both FRESH DELICIOUS and EVERY DAY BIRDS would make wonderful gifts for a preschool, kindergarten, or first grade class.

I hope you'll head on over to see Liz at Elizabeth Steinglass for today's Poetry Friday.


  1. Linda, thank you for sharing two delightful books that will make your grandchild giddy with glee. I missed reading your SJT thoughts this week. Have fun creating new dishes with the recipes you found.

  2. I know. These books look absolutely gorgeous. I will have to have both.

  3. Thank you for sharing both of these wonderful books today, Linda. They are favorites of mine as well!

  4. Thanks for the link love. So exciting to have both these books by PF peeps out! Enjoy those recipes in Fresh Delicious!

  5. Linda, Amy makes rhyme look easy and effortless, doesn't she?? She's rather birdlike actually... thank you for sharing! xo

  6. I can't wait to see FRESH, DELICIOUS! Amy's book is a treasure!

  7. I could not be happier to be at your place with you and Irene! I love FRESH DELICIOUS; there is a magic to the way Irene transforms bits of our world with her words... Thank you for letting us celebrate here together! xx

  8. Both of these arrived at my doorstep in the last week as well! Thanks for sharing these two new gems by these amazing, generous poets. And quite fine people, too! :0)