Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Turning Intent Into Action

This week for Spiritual Journey Thursday, we are writing about Leigh Ann Eck's OLW: INTENT.

Intent is something I struggle with, especially when it comes to making time to write.  Take today for example. My intent was to get all of my grading done before I left school today so I would have more time to work on this blog post. It didn't happen. Instead, I spent my planning time writing a letter of recommendation for a colleague. Although I was happy to write the letter, it took considerable more time than I planned, and I had to bring the grading home.

The workload of a teacher goes beyond the school day. Every night, I pack my tote bag full of more work than I can possibly do. Yet, even though I know it's an impossible task, I lug it home anyway, with the intention of getting it done.

I get paid to be a teacher and I care about my students so I feel guilty when I take time away from school work to do something I enjoy-- like writing.

For several years, I've intended to write a collection of poems about a topic I'm passionate about.  I set writing goals and intend to keep them. But, somehow I always push writing to the bottom of my "to do" list, and it never gets done: an endless cycle of intention and failure.

So, I've been thinking about why this keeps happening. The answer just might be in that overflowing tote bag.  It feels like a metaphor for my life because I always put more in my "tote bag"  than I can possibly do.  My writing intentions are good, but I haven't taken the action necessary to achieve them.

A few months ago, I watched a program about the power of changing one thing in your life. I intended to try it back then, but...

Finally, the time has come. I'm replacing my large tote bag with a much smaller one. Instead of working on "school" for an hour each night, I'll work on it for thirty minutes and use the other thirty to write. My intention is set, now it's time to take action.  I'm ready to do this!


  1. Linda, your link on the list needs to be corrected! It should go to
    Great post! Smart to get a smaller tote bag. I did that with my purse. You will fill whatever space you have with stuff. Smaller space, less stuff - so only the important! Good luck with sticking to your new intentions!

  2. Thank you for sharing your struggles in this area. I hear you! God bless you in fulfilling your firmly holy intentions. Please keep us in the loop; I'm looking for some inspirational role models for working through my similar struggles. God bless you!

  3. Linda, I'm excited for your renewed enthusiasm to make writing a priority in your life. Think of it like brushing your teeth... don't go to be without doing it! And you know, we often distract ourselves from our creative selves because we are filled with so much FEAR. Sometimes it helps me to think of it as just "playing around" with words/stories instead of "writing a book" which immediately puts pressure on me to make it grand and perfect and wonderful... and that can be a roadblock that sends me to do anything BUT write. Rooting for you! xo

  4. Linda, so glad that you set your intention to provide more "me" time for writing. All things in due time but the time is now so indulge yourself. Be filled with the spirit of the purposeful walk.

  5. Good for you, Linda. I've found this: "it took considerable more time than I planned" to be true for myself too. But I'm sure you're new intention will bear fruit. I have actually formed the same intention, that is, work for 30 minutes on poetry every day. I set a timer and then just get lost in the words. I don't have to get anything finished, just worked on. I'll be interested in hearing how you do!

  6. Like Irene, I'm rooting for you! Grading takes over my life at times, and it's hard to do anything I enjoy, like reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends. It's healthy to compartmentalize teaching responsibilities because it can too easily encroach upon everything.

  7. It sounds like you have developed an action plan to carry out your intention. I too am praying that you are successful. :)