Linda Kulp Trout

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Putting "DELIGHT" On My Calendar

This week for Spiritual Journey Thursday, we are writing about Irene Latham's one little word: DELIGHT.

Just thinking about the word “delight” lifts my spirit.  I find delight in many things:
spending time with my family
watching a sunrise/sunset
taking a long walk on a beautiful day
watching snow fall, leaves change, clouds dance
listening to music
watching old movies with my husband
sending greeting cards to people I love
reading an inspiring book, poem, essay, blog
writing a poem, journal entry or blog post.

I could name dozens more, but what I discovered from my list is that my delight comes from simple, everyday experiences.   The mystery is why don't I allow myself more time to engage in these delightful activities? 
I'm slowly working to change that.  For example, this month I am writing a very rough draft of a poem  every day and sending it to my writing buddy. At first it was hard to allow myself the 30 minutes of writing time, but now just thinking about what I'm going to write brings me delight all day long. 

The best thing about this delightful activity is that the more I write, the more I learn about myself and the things that make me truly happy.  I think that's a pretty good reason to keep doing it.


  1. Dear Linda who is writing 30 minutes a day!!! Wooohooo! This makes me so very happy. :) And yes to the simple things and to taking the time to savor them, to find delight. Your list IS a poem. xo

  2. Linda, allowing ourselves time to indulge in the delights of this world is a heart-opening thought. I need to make more time for my delights. I like the thought that the more you write the more you learn about yourself. Keep on delighting in what makes you happy.

  3. I like the quote by Frost! So true. Have a delightful day as you explore!

  4. Thank you for your inspirational post. Your title, itself, gave me an important message. Delighting is a decision. Putting "Delight" on your calendar is making a decision to live delighted. God bless you! Thank you!

  5. A wonderful goal, exploring delight in a poem a day! Enjoy.

  6. Love the Frost quote you shared! Off to put it in my notebook and to put delight on my calendar. I love how your acknowledged that delight comes from simple, everyday experiences. I'm hoping to delight in writing every day next month for March SOL!

  7. How very cool that you found a poem quote with "delight" in it! I'm finding the same thing that you are. The 30 minutes I spend on some aspect of poetry daily is part of the day I look forward to with delight!

  8. I love that Robert Frost quote! Committing to 30 minutes of daily writing time and poetry is definitely delightful!