Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Progressive Poem is Here! - Day 26

There's a lot of personal stuff that can go into songwriting, but there's also a lot of dramatization and fictionalization. You have to do that to make a good song.  - Nora Jones

As our poem moves from blog to blog, I've been enjoying reading the backstory of how contributors chose their line. Songs are very personal. They not only connect us to our past but also to each other. Song lyrics have the power to speak to all of us no matter who we are or where we come from. 

Growing up, we had maybe one or two book (Little Golden Books) in our house. The stories I grew up on came from songs. Every afternoon, my mother would put a big stack of 45s on the stereo.  She loved all types of popular music: The Supremes, Elvis, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, The Statler Brothers, and many others.  We would sing along and dance across the living room floor.  We didn't have a lot of material possessions, but our house was always filled with music.  

Songs have always been a huge part of my life.  They bring back happy memories and sometimes sad ones too. They remind that I'm not alone and keep me singing even in hard times.

For my line today, I wanted to honor one of my teenage crushes, David Cassidy.  I never missed an episode of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY.  David was not only dreamy, he was very talented.  It breaks my heart that his life was so tragic.  He brought so much joy to lonely young girls like me while he struggled to find happiness in his own life.  I chose a line from "Summer Days".

Hold my hand and we'll be free

Endless summer; I can see for miles…
Fun, fun, fun – and the whole world smiles.
No time for school- just time to play,
we swim the laughin’ sea each and every day.

You had only to rise, lean from your window,
the curtain opens on a portrait of today.
Kodachrome greens, dazzling blue,
it’s the chance of a lifetime,

make it last forever–ready? Set? Let’s Go!
Come, we’ll take a walk, the sun is shining down
Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes
Tomorrow’s here. It’s called today.

Gonna get me a piece o’ the sky.
I wanna fly like an eagle, to the sea
and there’s a tiger in my veins Oh,
won’t you come with me waltzing the waves, diving the deep?
It’s not easy to know
less than one minute old
we’re closer now than light years to go
To the land where the honey runs
…we can be anyone we want to be…
There’s no stopping curiosity.
What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing
Looking for a sign of life
You’re simply the best
Hold my hand and we’ll be free
Up next,  our poem moves on to Sheila@Sheila Renfro
Here is a list of line sources:

L1 The Who, 'I Can See for Miles'/The Beach Boys, 'Endless Summer'
L2 The Beach Boys, 'Fun, Fun, Fun'/Dean Martin, 'When You're Smiling'
L3 The Jamies, 'Summertime, Summertime'
L4 The Doors, Summer's Almost Gone'/Led Zeppelin 'Good Times, Bad Times'
L5 Ray Bradbury, "Dandelion Wine"
L6 Joni Mitchell, "Chelsea Morning"
L7 Paul Simon, "Kodachrome," "Dazzling Blue"
L8 Dan Fogelberg, "Run for the Roses"
L9 Spice Girls, "Wannabe"/Will Smith, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"
L10 The Beatles, "Good Day Sunshine"
L11 The Carpenters, "Top of the World"
L12 Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Underneath the Lovely London Sky" from Mary Poppins Returns
L13 Carole King, "Hi-de-ho (That Old Sweet Roll)"
L14 Steve Miller, "Fly Like An Eagle"
L15 Don Felder, "Wild Life"L16 Nowleen Leeroy, "Song of the Sea" (lullaby)
L 16 Nowleen Leeroy, "Song of the Sea" (lullaby)
L17 Sara Bareilles, "She Used to Be Mine" from WAITRESS
L18 Stevie Wonder, "Isn't She Lovely"
L19 R.E.M., "Find the River"
L20 Carole King, "Way Over Yonder"
L21 Mint Juleps, "Groovin" by the Young Rascals
L22 Jack Johnson, "Upside Down"
L23 Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson) "Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie
L24 The Foo Fighters, "Learning to Fly"
L25 Tina Turner, "The Best"
L26 The Partridge Family "Summer Days"

A big thank you to Carol for hosting today's Poetry Friday!


  1. Linda, your line is so sweet. I do like it because it is exactly what little children do when they are playing outdoors. I also enjoyed your backstory. I remember music being a part of my life as a teenager or should I say teeny bopper but I don't remember this particular Partridge Family song so I am listening to it now. It is such a great summer song.

  2. Thank you, Carol. I hope you like the song!

  3. Love this line, Linda - it almost feels like a satisfying end to the poem, although we still have a week to go! Looking forward to seeing what Sheila does with this!

    1. Thanks, Matt. You got us off to a great start!

    2. So often Matt says what I'm thinking! Methinks it is our segue to the end.

  4. Oh, it's such a nostagic line, just perfect, Linda. I enjoyed your intro, too.

  5. How lovely to honor your crush in this way. :) I love the Norah Jones quote, too. Thank you, LInda! xo

    1. Thanks, Irene. It's amazing how song lyrics stay with us years later!

  6. Quite the love song this progressive poem is turning out to be— a love of life, of music, of community. Good stuff!

    1. I agree, Michelle. I've enjoying reading each post and learning more about our Poetry Friday gang!

  7. Loved hearing about your memories, Linda. Brings back the years of singing along to my big sisters' albums by the Beatles, Carole King, Rod Stewart, the Carpenters, Bread, etc. I have always loved the storytelling songs, and it's fun to see where the progressive poem has gone this year!

    1. Thanks, Laura. Yes, storytelling songs have always been my favorite too. I love all the groups you mentioned, especially Bread. I played their song "Diary" over and over again. It's even on my ipod! : )

  8. Jan couldn't get her comment to post, so I'm sharing it for her. A big thank you to Jan for stopping by!
    Dear Linda, musical maven. I love your line. It brings up the feeling of empowerment, to hold hands. And we all love that moment when we are flowing free. Thank you for bringing us David Cassidy. And yuk on me - I messed up in not following your good example, to talk about arriving at our lines (mine was day 25) so I am glad you brought us along your path.
    Happy 2019 Poetry Month & Happy 2019 Progressive Poem!

  9. "Hold my hand" is such a part of childhood and love. Thanks for a line that is just perfect for our poem.

  10. I love how this poem is so full of joy and optimism. I also appreciated your introduction. We didn't have books or recorded music when I was young, but my mother could recite poetry from memory, and used to make up stories with us as characters in them.

    1. Cheriee, it must have been wonderful to hear your mother recite poetry. I'm glad you enjoyed my introduction. I love how our community is so supportive of one another.

  11. Love the connection you've made with the previous line--going from you, back to my and we. And the rhyme with the previous stanza. Well done!

  12. Love that line too! I suspect I loved the song it came from. : )

  13. Squeeeeeee ! David Cassidy. Oh, I was in love with him too. I was in a family that didn't really allow for "trendy" things. But, I did get to watch the Partridge Family. And, I loved it. What a great line. I love it.

  14. Thank you, Linda. I still remember most of the words to all his songs!

  15. This is a beautiful line...and I just took a little journey reading about David Cassidy's life. I hope he feels free now. Hug. xx

  16. LOVE your backstory, Linda - thank you for sharing such special memories. I was a Partridge Family fan as a kid, too - and even went with a couple of grown girlfriends to see David Cassidy one time several years ago. Thanks for your hand-holding line as we wind up the poem! :0)

    1. Robyn, I never got the chance to go see him. I bet you and your friends had a great time!

  17. I love the line you added--it fits beautifully. Like you, I enjoy hearing the stories behind each line chosen for the poem. And I might also have shared that crush on David Cassidy!

  18. Nice soaring and uplifting line Linda!