Thursday, September 12, 2019

Harvest Moon

When I was a little girl, I loved riding in the backseat of the car watching the moon follow us home. There's something spiritual and magical about the moon.

It's been cloudy here the past few nights, so I'm hoping the sky will be clear enough to see the harvest moon (my favorite!) tonight.  In anticipation, I wrote a quick little poem.  I not sure if the meter works but here goes.

Too Shy 


I watched

a harvest moon


across the sky.

It hid behind

a wisp of clouds,

looking very


I said,

Don’t worry

Harvest Moon,

for I’m a lot

like you.

When I’m  feeling 

shaky, shy—


I try

to hide it


-Linda Kulp Trout

Here are two beautifully written  and illustrated moon-themed books you'll want to check out:  HELLO, HARVEST MOON by Ralph Fletcher and IF YOU WERE the MOON by Laura Purdie Salas.

A big thank you to Laura for hosting this week at Writing the World for Kids.


  1. Your poem is just delightful.
    We have nothing but clouds and rain in the forecast for us here, so I am sorry to say, the moon will be well hidden.

    1. Cheriee, We ended up with clouds tonight too so the moon was in hiding here too. : )

  2. Oh, what a lovely poem. Connecting a child to the natural world--and throwing in an emotion, too? Those are things I often try (unsuccessfully) to do! I think your meter works here, and thanks for the IF YOU WERE THE MOON shout-out!

    1. Thank you, Laura, and I love IF YOU WERE THE MOON!

  3. I love it, Linda, & my post is about the moon, too! I hope your clouds don't hide too much. We have clear skies, at least now in the late afternoon!

    1. Linda, I haven't made the Poetry Friday rounds yet, but I am looking forward to reading your post! : )

  4. Linda, your poem is excellent. What a great image! I've been reading Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card and you've hit something that book talks heavily about: character is seen through actions. You MC's actions here, tell a lot about the MC without deep description. Excellent!

    1. Tim, thank you so much. You also do a great job of showing who a character is through their actions. I'm not totally happy with this poem yet, so I may tinker a bit more with it some time.

  5. What a fun, playful poem, it's reminding me to go checkout our harvest moon tonight, thanks Linda!

  6. Thank you, Michelle. I hope you had better luck seeing it than I did. It was much too cloudy here. : (

  7. This is a sweet confection of a poem. I was taken with the image of the moon tiptoeing and then loved the introduction of the narrator and her empathetic words.