Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Last week, I shared my poems from the POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR CELEBRATIONS along with a chance to win a copy of the teacher/librarian edition. I'm happy to announce the winner is the lovely Linda Baie!  Congratulations from one Linda to another! 

This week I received an email showing the beautiful postcard Janet Wong made for my poem from the POETRY FRIDAY FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ANTHOLOGY.  I love it!  Janet and Sylvia Vardell are two amazing, generous, hard-working ladies.  I am extremely grateful to be part of the PFA family! 

Can you believe this is the final Friday of National Poetry Month?  Whew!
It has flown by, and if you're like me, you're way behind on reading all of this month's juicy blog offerings.  It will probably take me until sometime this summer to catch up! Right now, though, I'm heading over to No Water River where my challenge buddy, Renee is rounding up a whole new batch of goodies! While you're there, be sure to check out Renee's excellent poetry videos.  I showed Renee's performance of "Jabberwocky" to my students today. They enjoyed it so much, they wanted to watch it a second (and third) time! What a great discussion we had about language afterward!
  For more great poetry videos, check out Sylvia's blog Poetry for Children.
Happy Poetry Friday!




  1. Nice poetry postcard! I agree with you that Janet and Sylvia are just amazing and brilliant.

  2. Thank you, Jama. I showed it to my students today, and they liked it too!

  3. Thanks again for having the giveaway-I'm excited to have a copy, Linda. Your poem shows the now up-to-date angst of teens, so real, so rather unknown to us. Guess it's close to the note-passing, right?

  4. Love the postcard. It's a perfect picture to go with that poem!

  5. Love the postcard and your poem! It suits middle schoolers to a tee.

  6. I love your poem AND the postcard! Yes, the month has FLOWN by!!

  7. I literally said 'awwww' when I finished reading the poem. :)