Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, June 24, 2010

POETRY FRIDAY: Dizzy Dinosaurs

Dizzy Dinosaurs is a new I CAN READ! collection of dinosaur poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins, available February 2011. Young children love dinosaurs, and they are going to love this funny book. Barry Gott's detailed illustrations are hilarious and reflect the personalities of these very silly dinosaurs. I feel so fortunate to have my poem, "Saltopus" included in Dizzy Dinosaurs.


I am Saltopus.
I am nasty. I am mean.
My teeth are sharp as daggers.
My legs are short and lean.

I dine on luscious lizards.,
bugs are tasty snacks.
I am a mighty hunter—
I'm ready to attack.

I am Saltopus.
My brain is rather small.
I could be a Dino King—
But I'm just one foot

Thank you, Lee for including my poem. Thank you Barry Gott, your illustration is sure to spark lots of laughter!


  1. I have a pile of 4-year old boys in class who are going to love this. Thanks, Linda!

    The Write Sisters

  2. Linda,

    That's a fun poem! I really like the ending.

    FYI: You left the incorrect URL to this post at The Art of Irreverence.

  3. Linda, thanks for sharing this fun poem. I look forward to getting a copy of Dizzy Dinosaurs when it comes out (I know several poets featured in the book).

  4. Linda,
    I giggled at this one! And I did not know about a Saltopus, so the (small) ending really did surprise me.

  5. Andy- Wait until you see the illustrations! They're so much fun, I'm think the boys will love this book.
    Elaine-I'm glad you liked my poem.
    Toby-There are some really funny poems in this collection. I hope you enjoy it!
    Amy-I was hoping the ending would be a surprise. I didn't know about the Saltopus either until I did some research.