Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poetry Friday

A while back I read a study that said up to 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. It got me thinking about the ways men and women communicate and from that came the following tanka.

when the TV is on
you listen intently
to what it has to say
I ask if we can talk—

you turn the volume up

she stands by the pool
showing off long slender legs
in string bikini…

when your stare drops to my thighs
I pretend not to notice

in this king-sized bed
you sleep facing north, I face south
the void between us
proof opposites don’t attract
you need your space, I need mine


  1. Well done, Linda! And how true it is about people communicating nonverbally.

    We can also communicate certain emotions/feelings with the "tone" of our voices when we say something to another person.

    P.S. I wanted you to know that I included a link to Write Time in my list of resources for National Poetry Month under the heading Children's Poets Who Blog.

  2. These are great. You've used the form so well. It makes me realize how much I am missing out on staying home alone all these past two months while I am recuperating from surgery. One can only fit so much into the percentage available in cyberspace, no?

  3. Elaine, thank you for including me in your list of resources for Poetry Month. I'm working on a poetry exchange at school and daily readings. I hope the kids enjoy it.

    Cloudscome, I'm glad to hear you are recuperating,and I know you'll be back in the mix soon. : )

  4. Ah, Linda--these poems are painfully perfect this morning. Especially the first and third ones. Thanks for sharing...