Linda Kulp Trout

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Over at Miss Rumphius Effect , the Poetry Stretch this week was to write a love poem. My mother has been on mind so much recently. Her battle with cancer goes on, but she's beginnng to give up. Although she'll never see this poem, I hope she feels the love behind it.

Thinking About Her Life

Alone in her tiny apartment
she sits at the kitchen table,
stirring a cup of cold coffee—
daylight slowly fades.

Her friends are gone.
Beloved husband gone.
Children grown, gone.
Her soft dark hair— gone.

I visit on Saturdays,
we talk of the past
we talk of the present,
avoiding the future—

She says she’s afraid.
I’m afraid too—
but I don’t tell her
I can’t, not yet.

Instead I take her hand,
like she once took mine
helping me cross a busy street—
Now I must help her cross
over this wake of tears.

She looks to me for hope,
and I give it to her, a last gift
wrapped in a smile, a hug,
and a prayer
for my mother—

soon gone.


  1. I'm so sorry. I'm quite certain your mother feels the love behind your poetry and will feel it in the hard days to come ....

  2. Oh Linda, it's so hard to watch your mom suffer and lost hope. Whether she reads this poem or not, I am sure she knows what you've expressed here.

  3. Karen and Yat-Yee,

    Thank you for your comments. It is a very tough and lonely time for her. I'm going to miss her so much.

  4. Linda I'm so sorry for your pain. I am sure your mother knows how dearly she is loved. Blessings for you both...

  5. Oh Linda - I'm so sorry. How difficult for the both of you. You have made a thing of beauty with your pain, and it was both brave and kind of you to share it with us all.

  6. Thank you Addie, Chris, and Kelly. I'd like to work on the poem a bit more because I'm not happy with it yet, but right now I need to step away from it for a while. My mother and I were never very close, so I didn't think saying good-bye would be as hard as it is.

  7. Linda,

    This is truly a touching and gentle poem. I'm sorry to hear about your mother's cancer. It must be so difficult for you to see your mother suffer and lose hope.

  8. Thank you, Elaine. Yes, it is very hard. She told me that she had eggs overlight last night and how wonderful it tasted. I can see that she's really appreciating the small things in life most of us take for granted. Even now, she's teaching me life lessons.

  9. What an offering of your heart this poem is.

  10. Thank you, Debbie. I never know if anyone will feel what I'm trying to say.