Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Tanka

I live in an area where deer are plentiful. I love watching them. In spring and summer, does bring their fawns to graze in the backyard and eat from the cherry tree. In autumn, they run down my driveway and hide in twilight shadows. They come to dine on crabapples in winter. They are so tame, they come right up to my front door and watch me watching them through the window.

Here are two of the many tanka they've inspired.

crackle of dry leaves
in the shadows of twilight
still as a statue
a deer looks into my eyes
then suddenly— gone

hoping from limb to limb
fat robins quarrel
over crabapples

deer wait patiently below
for fallen leftovers


  1. Linda,

    Lovely poems! You should post your original poems--and other thoughts about poetry--on Fridays. Have you heard about Poetry Fridays? Dozens of bloggers participate--and one blogger rounds up all the poetry posts. Kelly Herold has the schedule for who's doing the roundups each week at her blog Big A, little a.

    Come join us.

  2. Thanks, Elaine, your encouragement means a lot. I'm never sure if anyone will get what I'm trying to say in my poems. I don't belong to a critique group, because of time and lack of confidence in my work.
    I have been sending my name in to be included for poetry Friday. I see my name on the lists each week, but I just thought that people didn't like my posts so they don't leave comments.

  3. Linda,

    Some of my Poetry Friday posts at Wild Rose Reader and Blue Rose Girls get lots of comments--and some get few or none. Don't lost heart. I think many times people read the posts and like the poems....but just don't feel like commenting.

  4. Thanks, Elaine. I'm focusing more on poetry because that's what I really love to write. I know the chances of getting a collection published is slim, but I would write poems anyway.
    I'm hoping you'll hear some good news soon (if you haven't already) about your collection.

  5. Oh, you just triggered wonderful memories of my old house. It was a townhouse that backed up to parklands. All of the townhouses on this row somehow managed to agree not to fence in our backyards, so we looked out on a big, wide stretch of green grass giving way to the forest behind us. Deer walked just along that edge all the time and it never stopped being amazing and beautiful to me.

  6. I love poetry! Lovely poems, what a treat to have such peaceful visitors at your home!

  7. Thanks Kelly and Motherreader for your comments. We are so lucky here to have lots of wild like around us. We are going to have to sell as soon as the market is better. The house is just too much for us to keep up with. I'm really going to miss it here.