Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghost Villanelle

A poem to celebrate Halloween by Iowa poet Dan Lechay.

Ghost Villanelle

We never saw the ghost, though he was there--
we knew from the raindrops tapping on the eaves.
We never saw him, and we didn't care.

Each day, new sunshine tumbled through the air;
evenings, the moonlight rustled in dark leaves.
We never saw the ghost, though: he was there,

if ever, when the wind tousled our hair
and prickled goosebumps up and down thin sleeves;
we never saw him. And we didn't care

to step outside our room at night, or dare
click off the nightlight: call it fear of thieves.
We never saw the ghost, though he was there

in sunlit dustmotes drifting anywhere,
in light-and-shadow, such as the moon weaves.
We never saw him, though, and didn't care,

until at last we saw him everywhere.
We told nobody. Everyone believes
we never saw the ghost (if he was there),
we never saw him and we didn't care.


  1. Linda,

    I love your selection for this Poetry Friday--but the link doesn't take us to the correct poem. I'd love to read the rest of LeChay's villanelle.


  2. Elaine, Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it.
    Happy Halloween to you too!!!

  3. Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday at PoetryforChildren this Halloween! Stop by any time...