Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Cinquain

I drive to work on a road lined on each side with cornfields . Yesterday, as I sat at a stop sign waiting my turn, I noticed a couple of deer standing in the cornfield to my left watching the cars go by. They stood very still and seemed to be in deep thought. I starting wondering what they were thinking. Where they just curious about the cars? Were they waiting at the stop sign for their turn to cross the road? Were they angry about the traffic cutting through their cornfield?

This little poem snapshot was inspired by them.


Two deer
in the cornfield
peek out between brown stalks.
Are they hoping to cross the road


  1. Linda,

    I like your cinquain. It's funny how some poems almost seem to write themselves, isn't it?

    The cinquain was one of Myra Cohn Livngston's favorite poetic forms. I wish someone would compile all her cinquains in one book. It would make a great resource for teachers--and writers of poetry.

  2. Elaine,

    I read that about Myra in her book, Poem Making. I've learned so much from that little book!

    I agree that a collection of her cinquains would be a wonderful resource for teachers.

  3. I like the poem and the contemplation.

  4. Thank you Barbara. I appreciate you reading my poem.

  5. Beuatiful! What a lovely photo and poem. Yesterday on the way to school we saw two deer run across the road way up ahead. My two young sons and I had a lively discussion about whether we had just see deer or cats. They thought it was cats, I thought deer. Exciting either way!