Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daisy and Butterscotch

Daisy and Butterscotch are the best listeners. They like to sit beside me on the sofa and watch me write on my laptop. They're very patient as I read each new rewrite of my poems. They especially like the poems about them. Here's a tanka I wrote about Butterscotch.

my cat sits watching
waiting for me to come home
I open the door
to the sound of his purring—

unconditional love

Butterscotch is almost ten years old, but he still runs to the door every time I come home. I know he's happy to see me.


  1. Hi! I like tankas. I like a good Senryu, too!


  2. It won't let me comment on your previous post (not sure why), but thanks for the kind words about my class!

    Love your cat poem. I miss having a cat (both my husband and I are allergic...)