Friday, April 27, 2012


This month has been more hectic than ever!  Selling a house and moving into a tiny apartment in less than 30 days has been an overwhelming experience. We go to settlement for the house we sold on Tuesday, then we'll have a four month break while our house is being built. 

I know I've missed some wonderful blog posts this month, but hopefully I can catch up this summer. The one thing I did manage to do was to log-on each day to follow the progressive poem started by poet extraordinaire Irene Latham. It's been a lot fun watching this poem grow, and trying to imagine the line I'd add when it was my turn.  From the start, the first two lines made me think of the deep emotional hunger I've often filled with poetry...reading it, writing it. Although I kept testing other possible topics,  thoughts of poetry kept weaving its way back to me. Every line relates somehow (at least in my mind) to poetry.  Yesterday, when I read  the line added by Renee at No Water River, it seemed like a natural lead in to the what I think this poem is about.

If you are reading this

you must be hungry
Kick off your silver slippers
Come sit with us a spell

A hanky, here, now dry your tears
And fill your glass with wine
Now, pour. The parchment has secrets
Smells of a Moroccan market spill out.

You have come to the right place, just breathe in.
Honey, mint, cinnamon, sorrow. Now, breathe out
last week’s dreams. Take a wish from the jar.
Inside, deep inside, is the answer…

Unfold it, and let us riddle it together,

…Strains of a waltz. How do frozen fingers play?
How do fennel, ginger, saffron blend in the tagine?

Like broken strangers bound by time, they sisterdance…
their veils of sorrow encircle, embrace.
Feed your heart with waltzes and spices.
Feed your soul with wine and dreams.

Humble dust of coriander scents your feet, coaxing
seascapes, crystal sighs and moonshine from your melody
Beware of dangers along the path of truth
And beware, my friend, of too much bewaring–

strong hands cushion you, sweet scents surround you—now leap
without looking, guided by trust. And when you land
on silver-tipped toes, buoyed by joy– you’ll know
you are amazing, you are love, you are poetry


Stay tuned, who knows where Caroline at Caroline by Line might lead us when she adds her line tomorrow!  
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  1. Dear Linda - I am on the road today and have just a moment to shout: you ARE amazing, you ARE love, you ARE poetry! Thanks so much for your addition. And yay for you getting through April. I hope the house-building process goes butter-smoothe. Send me poems! xo

  2. It seems you have had quite a month! I read your line, then re-read the poem through new eyes. It fits beautifully. Your line is like the beginning of tying off a weaving, Linda. Thank you!

  3. This is wonderful. Great job!

  4. What a bold and lovely line, Linda! I'm really going to miss these daily surprises - little packages of wonder to open and ponder. Best wishes with all your real-world transitions.

  5. WOW! You really took a stand and I love it! Well done. :)

  6. Your line is so completely "buoyed by joy." What a celebratory! a.

  7. This poem reminds me of the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. So rich and sweet and magical! You added the perfect line.

  8. So nice! I can feel the poem winding toward completion thanks to your lovely line.

  9. I am just loving the way this poem is evolving. It is a celebration of all things poetic!

  10. This is amazing. Like you, I've had other things on my plate and haven't been able to follow the blogosphere very well this last month - so I didn't even know this was happening and I can't believe, catching it so close the end, that there are so many different poets involved. Definitely not a case of too many cooks...!

  11. Heee...I've just realized that this poem has leapt without looking, day by day, and every day has landed on amazing silver-tipped toes of poetry! Thanks for managing this addition among all your other demands, Linda. I wish you smooth sailing too!

  12. So perfect, Linda! I love it. I'm going to miss this bright spot of expectancy each day, too.

  13. Perfect - there is a sense of joyousness now!