my family

About me:
  • writer/reader (picture books, poetry, novels-in-verse, personal essays)
  • former middle school teacher (and preschool/elementary teacher)
  • music explorer  (I love many different types of music.)
  • poetry adorer  (especially poetry for children and narrative free verse poems)
  • sweet treats baker (organic pumpkin and banana nut are my specialties)
  • recipe maker (It's fun to experiment!)
  • greeting card saver (I keep  almost every greeting card sent to me.)
  • chocolate craver (especially milk chocolate)
  • Air Force vet  (Communications Specialist)
  • owner of one spoiled pet (see below)
  • star gazer (and clouds, rainbows, moon)
  • all-day grazer (I'd rather snack all day rather than eat regular meals.)
                                             Daisy on have favorite blanket.

Daisy has her own toy basket, but
she is 13 not and doesn't play much anymore.
She doesn't look happy that I'm taking her picture
instead of giving her a snack.

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