Thursday, April 27, 2017

#wonderbreak17 Gratitude Poems

Cotton Candy Afternoon

a fluff of pink
a fluff of blue

one for me
the other for you—

in sugared air
and thread of sun

the two of us
having fun

we talk, we laugh
we play, we eat

a swirl of friendship
spun sticky sweet

©Linda Kulp Trout2017

I love cotton candy, but I hadn't eaten any since my sons were small.  I had forgotten all about this sweet melt-in-your mouth treat. So, I'm grateful my grandchildren brought cotton candy into my life!   Last year at the carnival, my granddaughter asked for cotton candy on a stick, but the vendor only had cotton candy in a bag. She and I decided that would work!  Yum!

A big thank you to the very talented Joann for hosting today's Poetry Friday at Teaching Authors.


  1. How wonderful, Linda. I love the idea of "spun summer sweet." It's funny, but neither of my granddaughters like cotton candy. Their 'treat' like at the zoo is a soft pretzel. But I like it! We didn't see any on a stick either when we went to the zoo.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I want to work on this one some more when I have time, but I needed something to post this week. : ) I guess they put cotton candy in plastic bags now so people can take it home or maybe it's less messy that way. I like it better on a stick.

  3. So sweet! Grandchildren sound like so much fun. :) I have to admit, being at a fair brings out my inner child, and I just can't resist the cotton candy, or the mini donuts! ;)

  4. "in sugared air/and thread of sun" - YUM! Tasty poem, Linda - thanks for sharing. Love that swirl of friendship, and hope we can swirl in the same circles again sometime soon!

  5. What a delicious poem! I love how the sugar of the cotton candy swirls with the sweetness of friendship.

  6. I love that "swirl of friendship," too--reminds me of my childhood! "Sugared air" is exactly right. I can almost feel the sticky fingers.

  7. Love those last two lines. The sticky sweetness of summer fun. Yummy.

  8. I can taste that "sugared air!" What a great sticky sweet poem.

  9. Love the sweet taste, hate the sticky fingers. But I'll take your poem as the treat any day, Linda!

  10. What a lovely little poem, Linda. Such memories it brought back for me. Thank you for that! -- Christie @

  11. This brings back memories of cotton candy with my girls. No grandchildren yet, but I'm looking forward to new, sticky days! :)

  12. I haven't eaten cotton candy in ages, but this takes me right back to that candy taste. I especially like "sugared air" and "thread of sun." Lovely.

  13. What a fun poem, Linda! Like many others, my cotton candy days are long past. Our town holds a country fair every summer, and of course there is a cotton candy stand. Maybe I'll have to have some this year. Thanks for sharing this sweet memory!